We are extremely delighted to have you visiting our website and enquiring about our dance programme. This Dance programme will not only expose you or your child to the wonderful world of dance, movement & music, but benefit them in discipline, confidence, support and life.

The Academy is more than just a dance programme - it is a programme that will shape and mould your child for years to come and equip them to reach their full potential in life.

The Academy's students learn through specialised training and observation. This is imperative to preparing a student for performances, stage etiquette, examinations, confidence, and the decorum which are inherent in performance and assessment environments.

Dance training is a methodical, graded process that demands a high level of dedication to reach one's full potential. It requires a self-discipline rarely matched by other endeavours.

Students become active partners in their improvement and develop a respect for the art of dance.

We proud ourselves in being affiliated with the two largest Dance Institutions in the world, The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD).

We teach age and developmentally appropriate dance technique classes from a syllabus that allows younger students more time for movement exploration while providing advanced students with the tools to become professional dancers, if they so choose. As a result, all of our students develop self-esteem, self-discipline, and a strong fitness level that will provide a powerful edge in any future endeavour.

We offer regular Examinations, Professional Stage Productions and Dance Demonstrations. There is an annual student showcase, it is open to the paying public. Our students and teaching faculty present age appropriate pieces to demonstrate student progress for each level of training.

Our annual dance demonstrations are done at various primary schools. Professional Children's Productions are done at the Bellville Civic Theatre and examinations are held in a professional studio.

Our dance faculty is committed to providing the highest quality, comprehensive dance education for everyone and creating the next generation of versatile, well-rounded dancers. Above all else, our goal is to provide our students with the immeasurable value of a dance education that extends beyond technique

We look forward to starting this new journey with you and hope that you will get addicted to Dance like we have.